Service, management and maintenance is perfect 24/7

Our professionals ensure that your building is in perfect condition 24/7. This means you are permanently assured of comfort and convenience.

Strukton Worksphere can provide full service, management and maintenance of your building, if desired. This means you have one point of contact and no worries about the state of your building.

Performance contract and monitoring system
With management and maintenance of a building, it is about the total costs in the long term. At the same time, you want to ensure an optimal working environment and lower energy costs. As an experienced maintenance company, we formulate key performance indicators (KPIs) for that purpose. For example, about power consumption or temperature. We record these in a performance contract. With your regular contact person, you regularly check that we are doing what we promised. Furthermore, using our unique monitoring system, Strukton PULSE, you have insight into the status of your building and the installations at any moment.

Innovative and sustainable management
Too warm or too cold, too much light or not enough: small inconveniences can lead to big irritations. Our specialists therefore keep your building in top condition. They prefer to do this preventatively, rather than carrying out repairs after the fact. This is possible because we are specialists in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and architecture. We ensure an optimal climate and sustainable measures, such as led lighting, motion sensors and solar panels. We also help you implement The New Way of Working with the latest data technology. Is there a problem? Our specialist will be with you quickly, and wherever we work, we do so with minimum inconvenience.  

Our specialisms with respect to installation technology
Integrated system design for mechanical installations, including: 

  • Heat and cold (generation, distribution and emission)
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Gas, water and sewer system
  • Ventilation and air treatment (generation, distribution and emission)
  • Measuring and control technology and building automation

Integrated system design for electrical installations, including: 

  • Generation and central installation (including PV panels, wind turbines, emergency generators)
  • Electric power (high voltage, low voltage)
  • Lighting (interior and site)
  • Communication and security

Architectural Integrated system design, including: 

  • Foundation, building, completion
  • Finishing

Integrated system design for modes of transport:

  • Lifts, escalators, moving walkways
  • Glass washing installations, automatic doors


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