Help us make trains run safely throughout the world

We invite you to come working for Strukton Rail, a progressive technology company that is making rail transport appealing throughout the world.

When you work for Strukton Rail, you will have a dynamic job with a progressive technology company that matters. In Europe, as well as elsewhere in the world. With your work, you help ensure that travellers can pleasantly and safely travel by train. The railway sector is a captivating world full of opportunities and surprising routes. As an employee at Strukton, you are given plenty of space to grow and develop yourself. You can also start working for us internationally.

Working on rail transport

Each and every day, you work together with colleagues on solutions for faster, smarter, safer and more sustainable rail transport. Together, we ensure that our customers are satisfied. We do so by being and staying progressive in cooperation with partners. We combine our domain knowledge with the latest technological devices. Your professional knowledge plays an important role in this respect. You have a choice from an extensive training and education programme. And because working safely and healthily is a priority for us, we ensure that your knowledge of these areas is always up to date.

Job vacancies

We are often looking for people in the Netherlands, Belgium and Scandinavia. At times, we also have a need for colleagues in other countries. View the available job vacancies on our job vacancy website.

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