The leading specialist for making buildings sustainable

We are a top consulting specialist for making buildings sustainable. We apply circular principles in new development, renovation, management and maintenance.

The world is in the middle of an energy transition. Energy efficiency and energy generation are the keys to a cleaner and more sustainable world. As Strukton Worksphere, we also assume our social responsibility. For example, we are constantly looking for ways in which to reduce our own CO2 footprint. In addition, we are observing two major developments in our sphere of activity: the energy transition and circularity. Together with customers, we are developing initiatives to make our chain completely sustainable.

Energy Transition
Government is imposing increasingly strict standards designed to accelerate the transition from fossil to renewable energy. As a result, there is plenty of work to be done in the world of construction. All service organisations today are obliged to make use of an energy management system (EMS). By 2020, 14 percent of all energy in new and renovated buildings must originate from renewable sources. In 2023, existing buildings that serve an office function are required to have an energy label C. And by 2030, office functions must qualify for the A label. In addition, government requires all new and renovated buildings to be almost energy-neutral (BENG) by 2022. Strukton Worksphere is a top consulting specialist for making buildings sustainable. We contribute ideas for solutions that enable organisations to improve the energy performance of their buildings and limit environmental impacts to a minimum.

How can we help you with the energy transition?
Strukton Worksphere offers various services and products designed to help you with the energy transition. These include:

BREEAM-NL is a tool for integrally measuring and assessing the sustainability of new buildings, existing buildings, developed areas and demolition projects. We are observing that the market is increasingly asking for BREEAM for new development, as well as renovation projects. We have our own in-house BREEAM-NL In-Use Experts and apply this methodology within our projects.

Inspections and Audits
EU countries are obliged to implement measures designed to improve the energy performance of buildings. The Dutch government has set out the country's climate targets. In accordance with legislation and regulations, you as a building owner are obliged to improve energy efficiency.

Our certified inspectors conduct audits and inspections for the:

- EPBD (Energy Performance of Buildings Directives)
- EPA (Energy Performance Advice) and EPA Custom Work
- EED (Energy Efficiency Directive)

The construction sector accounts for approximately half of the national consumption of raw materials. We aim to change this through means of circularity. In other words, avoid wasting raw materials and instead use or reuse them in the smartest way possible. By ensuring that products and materials have the longest possible service life, we can limit waste to a minimum. At the end of a product's service life, we recycle it. In terms of Management & Maintenance, developments are primarily focused on reducing waste flows, using refurbished installation components and developing a circular multi-year maintenance plan.

Our goal is that effective from 2025, one hundred percent raw materials for new products are released at all of our offices and projects. We limit the volume of released waste as much as possible and reuse or recycle any remaining waste flows. Reducing and in reality preventing waste is now taking place at our offices and large projects.

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