Construction, building and renovation: our specialisms

Innovative and future-proof renovation and building, that is our specialty. We thus create a sustainable and pleasant environment.

A comfortable, sustainable and energy-efficient environment where people can work and live comfortably. At Strukton Worksphere, we focus on providing for example high quality schools, office buildings and hospitals. In our projects, the user is always key.

We breathe new life into old buildings

Through revitalisation, we give outdated buildings a second life. In this way, we reduce energy consumption and improve the market value of your building. We modify installations in the building and implement architectural improvements. And we immediately ensure more sustainability, which benefits the health, comfort and safety of the user.

Integrated approach

Whether it is a new or existing building - we always choose an integrated approach. That means that we have in-depth discussions with you, the client, but also with the owner, user and designer of a building, if necessary. And with advisors and facility managers. We approach an issue from different angles. That produces the best solution.

We also consider the total revenue and costs, measured over the entire lifespan of your building. When creating the design, we are already thinking about its operation. Choosing quality in the design phase earns dividends in limited energy consumption and low housing costs. We translate your wishes into technical specifications and implement them.

Your work can continue

While working on the project, continuity of your operations and limiting any inconvenience have top priority. When we have finished, we are happy to take responsibility for management and maintenance. 


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