Creating ideal working and living environments

Using data-driven methods and our expertise, we create healthy, sustainable and comfortable buildings. Professional, driven and a real all-rounder.

Organisation and market

Strukton Worksphere comprises over 1,700 committed and professional employees. Driven to work on new and better solutions for our customers each and every day. They can be found throughout the Netherlands working on our many projects and maintenance contracts. We are always close to our clients thanks to our customer teams and regional companies.

We feel at home in various markets. We are active in environments in which technology makes the difference, such as in commercial and social real estate, healthcare, education, the technology sector and industry. We are thoroughly familiar with our customers.

Approach and specialty

The point of departure for everything we do is the users' needs, as well as the client's business process. On this basis, we develop the best fitting maintenance, new development, development and renovation solutions. We always aim for tight and long-term relationships with our clients.

Our playing field consists of the developed environment. The core of our work is management and maintenance using innovative technologies, specialised professionalism and plenty of domain knowledge. At the same time, we are a development construction company. In this respect, we focus on project development and integrated projects with a major technological component. In short: projects in which we can make a difference.

Offer and partnership

In the market, we are known for our broad and cohesive offer: a unique combination of professionalism in the area of construction, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. We not only design and build, but as a maintenance partner, we can continue to manage and improve performance during the operating phase of a building.

This is why we are a leader in innovative forms of contracting, such as energy performance contracts, and integrated PPP and other contracts in accordance with the Design, Build, Finance, Maintain and Operate construct. In integrated projects of this nature, we coordinate the entire chain. As a partner in real estate management, we coordinate the overall hard services, including the management of subcontractors.

Digitisation and sustainability

Digitisation is the backbone of our service delivery. From the very first design to long-term maintenance, building information modelling (BIM) makes our work smarter and more efficient. Due to our data-driven asset management, we can monitor and maintain complex buildings down to the finest details. And at the core of all this is our own Strukton PULSE platform.

During design, building and operation, we contribute ideas about innovative solutions for the best possible energy performance and the least possible impact on the environment. In making the right choices, sustainability also goes hand-in-hand with lower accommodation costs. In addition, we focus on a circular approach in new development, renovation, management and maintenance projects.

Clever technology for modern life

Driven by knowledge, we constantly expand our expertise. At the same time, we like to share this knowledge in close cooperation with customers and partners. We do this under the motto: 'clever technology for modern life'. This means that we deploy technology in smart ways with a future-oriented focus designed to constantly further improve our living environment.

Strukton Worksphere - Clever technology for modern life

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