Exploitation is providing experience

The users of a building must feel comfortable there. We operate your building based on quality, sustainability and savings.

A pleasant and healthy working environment ensures satisfied, fit and productive employees. It also contributes to more efficient business operations and lower energy costs. Strukton Worksphere ensures that the users of your building have everything they need to perform well. A pleasant temperature, perfect lighting and optimal internet connections. 

With our expertise in housing, we manage your building for a long period and create an optimal working environment at minimum costs.

Optimise user experience
Buildings consist of different parts, each with their own function. Such as arrival, reception, meeting, staying and working. We call these domains . We carefully chart user needs and the success factors for each domain. We then use these insights to organise the management, maintenance, and facility services. In this way, we optimise the user experience.

What do we do for you?
We can perform the technical management and maintenance of all the installations (hard services) and the facility services (soft services). For the technical management, we have a national network of experienced experts at our disposal. For the security, catering, cleaning and other facility services, we work together with expert partners. In all cases, we are in control, giving you one point of contact. We coordinate the entire management and maintenance of your building and guarantee quality.

Performance contract or DBFMO
In a results-oriented contract, we translate the (changing) needs of users into key performance indicators (KPIs). Like energy consumption and downtime percentage, for example. Based on this, you can quickly and easily evaluate the quality of our services. With our unique monitoring system, you have insight at any given moment into the performance achieved. 

In a Public-Private Partnership (PPP), we often use a DBFMO contract. This type of contract involves the design, build or renovation, finance, maintenance and operation for an average period of 20 to 30 years. A DBFMO contract stimulates innovative solutions that positively influence the quality of the living environment and energy consumption, lifespan and financing options of buildings.

The future value of buildings is an increasingly important investment criterion. We therefore seek flexible solutions that ensure that buildings can adapt to changes in business operations. For example, rising or declining numbers of employees or the outsourcing of processes. We develop concepts in which we can easily incorporate trends, such as healthy eating or using a delivery bike to commute to work. Because you obviously do not want to keep renovating when something changes. With our solutions, you can continue to excite and retain the users of your building. In this way, we transform operation into an experience.

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