Safer system on rail networks

Qualitatively well maintained and modern train safety systems are essential for safe track systems. We can provide you with the necessary support.

Today, increasing numbers of trains are travelling at greater speeds across the Dutch and European rail network. At the same time, a safe track system must exist as the bottom line for travellers, transport companies and other rail users. This demands a qualitatively well-maintained rail network as well as all the associated systems. Examples here include level crossings, train safety and power supply. We keep a close eye on everything for you and act when necessary.

Train safety

The growing demand for cross-border train services prompted the development of international agreements for train safety systems. Well-known examples of such standards include the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) as well as Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC), the variant for light rail.

Thanks in part to our operations abroad, Strukton Rail has accumulated a great deal of experience when it comes to installing ERTMS – both on the ground and on board (European Train Control System – ETCS). We carry out a range of projects in cooperation with different ERTMS/ETCS suppliers. What’s more, as a vendor-independent system integrator we can assist you with a broad range of services in the field of ERTMS/ETCS. From installation, testing and start-up to maintenance, system integration, monitoring and migration – we supervise all phases of the process. As such, we contribute towards a safer rail network within the Netherlands and beyond its borders. 

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Trains running safely in Denmark

Read here how we ensure safe train operations in Denmark.

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