Focus on lower costs

Innovation, smart working methods, flexible systems and a state-of-the art machine park. That’s how we help you to save costs in the long term.

Available, reliable and affordable. As a rail operator you’re always on the lookout for ways to lower operational and maintenance costs. As a transport company, you aim to get the most out of your rolling stock. At the same time, quality and safety cannot be compromised. Strukton Rail looks ahead to the long term and guarantees you lower costs throughout the technical life of a railway track or rolling stock. 

Innovative and efficient working practices

By working in a smart, efficient and innovative way, we lower the costs of track maintenance. Take the robotisation of welding work, for example. Or the pre-fabrication of large stretches of track. This enables us to carry out the work with fewer people, without overtaxing our own workforce. 

Deployment of Europe-wide machine park

Thanks to our international partnerships, we have a large number of high-tech machines that we deploy throughout Europe. Utilising our machine park, we are capable of carrying out a great deal of work within a short space of time. This offers a high level of cost efficiency for the customer.

Predicting costs

The better we get at predicting maintenance, the more we can lower costs in the long term. Based on scenario scheduling, we chart expected investments in the area of operations and maintenance in advance. This makes it possible to properly weigh up whether it would be more favourable in the long term to only replace the worn part of a set of points as opposed to the entire set. 

Efficient deployment of rolling stock

Our power electronics make rolling stock more efficient in terms of power consumption. This is both sustainable and cost effective. We offer rolling stock that appears to have reached the end of its technical life, a new life using new, more suitable power electronics. This keeps rolling stock operational for longer.

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