Better availability of your rail network

As a rail operator you want reliable network availability. We guarantee this using smart technology and in-house experience.

A great number of people and companies depend on the rail network functioning properly every day. Travellers count on being able to get to their destination without delay and according to the schedule. Cargo transporters need to rely on their goods arriving on time by rail. In short, as an operator you want your rail network to be available continually. Strukton Rail possesses the ideal mix of technology, knowledge and experience to make this possible. Consequently, within the areas we maintain, the rail network is available no less than 99.8% of the time. What’s more, we achieve this at a lower operational cost.

Predictive maintenance

Thanks in part to the privatised rail market in the Netherlands, we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience in order to guarantee rail network availability as far as possible. Examples here include developing a range of smart solutions to prevent faults and predict the need for maintenance in time. Take our points monitoring system (POSS) and train-bound inspection capabilities. This enables us to gather a great deal of data pertaining to aspects such as the condition of the points. We process this data into algorithms, enabling us to predict which points require maintenance and when. Instead of responding to faults, we can therefore prevent them. This consequently increases rail availability.

Together with our Australian partner Willow Rail, we are focusing on achieving our ultimate objective: a completely fault-free network. Based on scenario scheduling, we can join forces with our customers to predict and schedule maintenance far better than ever before. Over and above achieving complete network availability, this also reduces maintenance costs.

Shorter periods of track closure

Maintenance work will always be necessary. During such periods, the tracks may be temporarily unavailable. We are developing methods and technologies to reduce periods of track closure. The ZKL 3000 RC serves as a good example here. We also present innovations to schedule maintenance more easily and ensure that it is carried out during the normal timetable. For example, within the scope of the Shift2Rail innovation programme, we are working to create a direct link between the inspection train and the tamping machine. Using data from the inspection train, the tamping machine knows exactly how much to pack beneath the tracks without requiring human intervention. This saves time and makes it possible to continue tamping without reducing train movements.

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