Safe traffic circulation during roadworks

Roadworks are essential to ensuring accessibility. Our traffic management solutions steer traffic in the right direction.

Our carriageways are among the most heavily trafficked asphalt pavements in the world. Roadworks are required to guarantee the quality of roads, proper accessibility and smooth traffic circulation. Through smart traffic management and traffic control systems, we limit any delays and provide for smooth traffic circulation.

We have expertise in conceptualising, designing and realising temporary or permanent solutions using functional guard rails, reliable traffic light installations, clearly visible road markings, clear road signage and effective traffic measures.

Current Information

Roadworks can cause temporary, unexpected situations. This is why we provide road users with as much current information as possible. Wide and flexible traffic lanes provide for smooth and safe traffic circulation and consequently reduce the environmental burden. Reliable traffic light installations support the temporary traffic measures.

On the basis of these areas of expertise, we provide for proper traffic circulation and accessibility:

  • Functional guard rail
  • Reliable traffic light installations
  • Clearly visible road markings 
  • Effective traffic management measures

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