Our soil is the foundation

If it would have been up to you, construction would have started yesterday. What if problems become opportunities.

Rethinking Soil

Excessive soil can be used at different sites. With special techniques, contaminated soil can still be responsibly used elsewhere. This way, a problem becomes an opportunity to save on costs and transport, and it saves the environment. A win-win situation.

Incident Management 

Environmental incidents, disasters and other emergency situations can occur without warning and can cause disruption. Safety and accessibility are no longer guaranteed and the continuity of activities is endangered. In such instances, immediate action is essential. Our emergency team stands ready 24/7 to carry out first line activities to help you get back on schedule in no time, because from our regional branches we can be rapidly on-site. Naturally, we possess all of the requisite certificates.

Pipeline Construction

High-pressure lines, sewerage, water pipelines, cooling-water pipes and pipelines in the process industry (including gas and nitrogen): Strukton Civiel constructs pipelines with a wide range of diameters and various materials in these areas of application. This includes concrete, prestressed concrete, concrete with a sheet steel core, plastics and steel. The construction technique used is determined depending on the situation. Options include open trench, controlled drilling, closed front drilling or combinations of these techniques. We not only look after construction, but also provide the necessary engineering and work planning services.

Pumping stations also fall under this subject. For new development, renovation and the modification of sewer and other pumping stations, we look after the entire process: from design up to and including maintenance.

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