Comfortable and energy-efficient working environment by Ahrend and Strukton Worksphere

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Strukton Worksphere
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20 July 2017

Strukton Worksphere and Ahrend signed a contract to link two independent innovations, i.e. Strukton PULSE and the Ahrend Comfort Workstation. In co-creation, together we are thus developing sustainable and productive housing solutions. Energy savings, a simpler installation concept for the building owner and comfort for the individual user are the starting points for this proof of concept.

Data are the basis of state-of-the-art living and working environments. Strukton PULSE brings together data relating to people, technology and the surroundings. This prevents faults, extends the life span and reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs. The result is a pleasant and comfortable working environment. The Ahrend Comfort Workstation is a personalised high-tech workstation whereby biodynamic lighting, heat, cooling and workstation height can be adjusted based on a digital ergonomic passport.

Co-creation for optimal working environment
In this proof of concept, we are linking these two independent innovations, i.e. Strukton PULSE and the Ahrend Comfort Workplace.
‘Innovation isn't something you do alone. You need to be willing to extend your own boundaries and develop new innovative ideas together with partners. This results in a more sustainable and healthy working and living environment. We believe in this as Strukton Worksphere.’ Evert Lemmen, CEO Strukton Worksphere
In this proof of concept, we are linking these two independent innovations, i.e. Strukton PULSE and the Ahrend Comfort Workstation. The expected result? Improved comfort at both the workstation and in the working environment as well as lower energy consumption. Because by making climate in buildings adjustable at workstation level and heating at personal level rather than heating the air, building owners can save energy and costs. On the one hand, energy consumption can be reduced up to 25% because only workstations that are in use will be heated or cooled. On the other hand, employees appreciate the possibility of adjusting the workstation totally to their personal preferences, which boosts productivity and reduces absenteeism. In the longer term, the advantages are a simpler installation concept in revitalisation and savings on replacement and other maintenance. This proof of concept runs until the end of 2017.
‘Innovation is not a goal in itself. Ultimately, it's about generating added value for our clients. This strategic partnership enables us to integrate the smart Comfort Workstation in the building's ecosystem. Our client can thus achieve energy reduction and improve the welfare of its users in the working environment.’ Eugène Sterken, CEO Koninklijke Ahrend
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By focusing on knowledge, technology and innovation, Strukton Worksphere, a Strukton subsidiary, creates a healthy, safe, comfortable and sustainable environment in which people can live, work and travel. Strukton Worksphere: clever technology for modern life.

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Strukton PULSE makes it possible to create a healthy, safe and comfortable environment according to personal wishes. In a sustainable way. Based on real data. About the difference between control and management; Strukton PULSE.

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