Back to school safely, healthily, sustainably

Written by
Strukton Worksphere
Published on
14 October 2016

The new school year has started and autumn half term is already approaching.

Strukton Worksphere is responsible for the safe, healthy and sustainable functioning of the technical installations of the school buildings of VCO Oost-Nederland and Stichting Consent. A comfortable environment obviously has a direct impact on the wellbeing of the pupils, staff and visitors.

The performance-based maintenance of the technical installations of 45 primary schools run by Stichting Consent and VCO Oost-Nederland was awarded to Strukton Worksphere on 1 July 2016. Besides performing preventive and corrective maintenance for the school buildings covering 58,000 m2 and distributed over 45 locations, 24/7 availability for urgent repairs was agreed.

Jointly responsible for energy management
Stichting Consent, VCO Oost-Nederland and Strukton Worksphere share responsibility for energy management. Stichting Consent and VCO Oost-Nederland are responsible for the way in which the building is used, while Strukton Worksphere is responsible for the optimal functioning of the installations. Together, the parties are working to ensure energy control and improved sustainability.

VCO Oost-Nederland
‘Our dream is to provide education which allows every child to optimally fulfil their potential. We're going to equip our children for the 21st century and we need to do this with methods and technology and in modern buildings that suit the needs of the 21st century.’

VCO Oost-Nederland

High quality standards

The board of Stichting Consent and VCO Oost-Nederland sets high quality standards for their education and provides education that best meets your child's needs and their talent development.

‘Strukton Worksphere sets high standards on the quality of the buildings and installations. We support the primary process of Stichting Consent and VCO Oost-Nederland by providing safe, reliable and sustainable buildings with our knowledge, methods, technology and innovations,’ says René Groot Wassink, Strukton Worksphere, company director Deventer.

A comfortable, modern school building awaits the pupils, staff and visitors of the 45 primary schools of Stichting Consent and VCO Oost-Nederland, also after the holidays.

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